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I May steals Elder Dragon, wins first ever Worlds game

Well that’s one way to leave a mark.

For the first 30 minutes of Friday’s Flash Wolves-I May Group B matchup, the LMS team held control. I May was content to wait until the late game and try and win team fights, even as kills and objectives fell around the map.

The game started disastrously, with an...interesting First Blood.

It worked a few times, winning fights with a strong poke composition featuring both a Jhin and a Varus, but Flash Wolves still maintained control, until two things happen.

First, I May took Baron, swinging the gold by 5k and taking the lead. Then, jungler Fan "Avoidless" Jun Wei showed exactly why he locked in the surprise Zac pick, stealing Elder Drake and setting up the win.

It’s a very important win for I May in a tough Group B, which features defending champions SK Telecom T1. Earlier Friday, SKT blew out Cloud9 in the first game of Group B action. I May was a surprise qualifier out of China’s LPL, making it to Worlds after just one split in the Chinese top-flight league.

For Flash Wolves, it’s a disappointing defeat to start off what many expected to be a promising Worlds campaign. The team plays Cloud9 on Saturday, with the loser dropping to a dangerous 0-2.