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Jensen’s anticipated Faker matchup did not go as planned

Well, for Jensen, that is.

Riot Games

One of the most anticipated match ups coming into the first match of World’s second day was SK Telecom midlaner Sanghyeok “Faker” Lee against Cloud9 midlaner Nicolaj “Jensen” Jensen. Often cited as the world’s best player - and certainly its best midlaner - Faker represented for Jensen a perfect opportunity to prove his abilities on an international stage, as well as a way to distinguish himself from NA’s other top tier midlaner Team SoloMid’s Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg.

Sadly for Jensen however, the lane didn’t quite go as planned. Early on, he suffered a bad trade which led to a stun from Syndra and a gank from SK Telecom jungler Seongung “Bengi” Bae that resulted in first blood. Jensen died with his flash still up.

Shortly after, Faker soloed Jensen in a play that ended with a useless flash burn from Cloud9’s midlaner.

After grabbing that early 2-0 lead, the lane was all Faker, as he pushed Jensen all the way off his own tower, and even juked the Cassiopeia ultimate the only time Jensen tried to aggress. Faker’s complete dominance of the lane lead to him going up 2k gold at 20 minutes, giving SKT as a whole a 7k gold lead at the same time.