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SK Telecom T1 blows out Cloud9 in 2016 Worlds debut

That was brutal.

Riot Games

Defending Worlds champions SK Telecom T1 put together a dominating performance in their first game at this year’s tournament, crushing Cloud9 Friday evening in the first game of Group B play.

The storyline entering the game was Cloud9 top laner Impact going up against his old team, but SKT mid laner Faker took the attention firmly back by dominating his mid lane matchup against Jensen. He solo killed Jensen multiple times, setting the tone of the game and setting up his team for an easy win.

SKT held a perfect game throughout the entire early game, not giving up any kills or towers until past the 20 minute mark. The game ended 17-8 in 34 minutes, with a 11-1 turret advantage for SKT.

After a very disappointing Spring Split, Cloud9 was a steady performer in Summer before a huge surge in form during the NA LCS Playoffs and Gauntlet.

SKT became the first defending champion to qualify for Worlds, but had a disappointing end to its season, too, falling to KT Rolster in the LCK semifinals.