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Here’s the bug that got Aurelion Sol disabled for another day at Worlds

No long-term decision has been made yet, but he won’t be available on Day 2.

Riot Games

Update, 10/1: A solution for the bug has been identified and Aurelion Sol will be enabled for Day 4 of play.

Everyone’s favorite Star Forger, Aurelion Sol, was disabled Friday night after a bug during the RNG vs. TSM game on Day One of Worlds 2016. It has been a rough couple of weeks for the celestial mid laner (as well as for the players who play him) and it is looking to stay that way for at least another two days.

This will no doubt come as a frustration to day to teams who have been prepping for Worlds with the intent of using Aurelion Sol, especially Counter Logic Gaming, who depends on the pick more than other teams. However, with Riot announcing that he will not be available for day two this early, teams will have far more time to adjust than RNG did on day one (not that it hurt them much).

On the Analyst Desk, Dash was quick to state that Aurelion Sol would only be a temporary disable, implying that he will return at some point during Worlds. All that was known about the bug was that Aurelion Sol’s passive stars seemed to disappear after making contact with terrain. Riot has since released a short video that shows this bug from Bjergsen’s perspective.

Do you think that this bug was remake worthy? Do you think Aurelion Sol should be disabled for it? We would love to here your thoughts in the comments.