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Aurelion Sol ‘temporarily’ disabled at Worlds after TSM-RNG bug

Another one, and again caught by Bjergsen.

Riot Games

Update, 10/1: A solution for the bug has been identified and Aurelion Sol will be enabled for Day 4 of play.

Aurelion Sol has been “temporarily” disabled at the League of Legends World Championship following a bug in the final game of the first day of action. According to the broadcast, the particles of Aurelion Sol’s passive were disappearing when they got too close to a wall, thus making them impossible to see.

RNG mid laner Yuan-Hao “Xiaohu” Li locked in the surprise Aurelion Sol with the last pick vs. TSM. Shortly after the game started, TSM midlaner Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg requested a pause because certain particles weren’t displaying properly, causing the game to be remade.

This isn’t the first time that Aurelion Sol has dealt with a game breaking bug against TSM. The Star Forger was disabled during most of the NA and EU LCS playoffs due to his passive that rotates stars around his character at all times. However, these stars were sometimes appearing in bushes that Aurelion Sol was not currently in, thus causing the players confusion as to the champion’s actual position.

Bjergsen’s made a habit of catching these bugs:

That time, the bug really hurt Counter Logic Gaming, TSM’s opponent in the playoffs and a team that frequently employs the Aurelion Sol. This time, it may end up hurting CLG again: the team is in a fairly good position after an upset win over G2, but if the champion is disabled long-term it hurts CLG more than just about any other team in the field.

CLG’s players and coaches reacted as could be expected:

Riot says it will announce Aurelion Sol’s long-term status in the tournament before Friday’s games start.