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ROX’s Peanut is so good, he doesn’t even need his hands


Riot Games

The ROX Tigers beat Albus Nox Luna in game two of the League of Legends World Championships. Despite looking good in the first ten minutes ANX was quickly overpowered by the world's favorites losing in only 27 minutes. But that’s not the real story in this game. This is:

Upon first glance it looks like a routine play. Peanut ganks top lane and flashes for a kill. But take a look at the player cam; Peanut’s hands are completely off the keyboard when he flashes. That’s right, 17 minutes into the game Peanut is forced to employ some sort of witchcraft in order to ensure the ROX Tigers could take the game over the International Wildcard team.

In all reality though, it looks like the player camera and the game camera were slightly out of sync, leading to an early favorite for best Player Cam of the 2016 World Championships.

h/t Reddit