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CLG gives up Worlds’ first kill, responds with great cross-map play

Well done, Darshan.

After a brief pause in the opening match of Worlds 2016, G2’s Expect earned First Blood against CLG’s Darshan with only four minutes on the clock.

Here we see a quick, precise gank from G2’s jungler Trick on Elise. Sneaking up through the red side tri-brush, Trick pushes behind Darshan’s outer turret, surprising him with a cocoon. Shifting into Spider Form for the dive, Trick’s Elise bursts Darshan’s Poppy down to low health. A perfect Hypergated Q from Expect’s Jayce finishes Darshan off, earning G2’s top laner some sweet First Blood gold. This play is executed so cleanly that Trick takes only two tower shots, with one killing a single Elise Spiderling.

However, Darshan pushes back only minutes later, making a incredible Teleport down to the bot lane.

After CLG’s jungler/bottom lane combo kill off Zven’s Jhin, G2 roams in to try to rotate and defend their bottom lane tower. CLG reacts quickly, and the roam from Huhi’s Vlad helps push the rest of G2 into the blue side jungle. Here, Darshan makes a teleport from top lane, flashes the Krug wall and Heroic Charges straight into Perkz’s Syndra, killing them almost instantly.

With plays like these in the first ten minutes of Worlds this year, it looks like we are in for one heck of a tournament.