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Watch the Worlds opening ceremony, T-S-M chants and all

Did you expect anything different?

Riot Games

After a long wait, Season 6 Worlds is mercifully here, with 16 of the best League of Legends teams in the world in San Francisco. The festivities will be going on over the next five weeks over the country, with stops in Chicago, New York and Los Angeles, and we’ll be covering it on every step of the journey.

It all started Thursday night with the opening ceremony. It began with the hype video released by Riot earlier in the day, which nicely previews some of the main narratives in this tournament.

That was followed by the entrance of defending champions SK Telecom T1, who enter this tournament as a slight underdog to fellow Korean team ROX Tigers (and arguably undefeated Chinese champions EDward Gaming.

The rest of the teams followed, led by the ROX Tigers and Team SoloMid. And yes, of course there were T-S-M chants. The San Francisco crowd went nuts.

You can watch the whole thing right here: