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Zedd and Riot releases ‘Ignite’ to celebrate Worlds

“Win or die!”

This year’s highly anticipated Worlds anthem dropped Monday with a sweet animation that goes with it. The animation showcases some legendary moments and references, like Faker chomping down on a piece of broccoli and rolling onto the ground. I mean, how much better could it get than that?

The colors and animation style used in the animation really fits the style of the song. There are cool blues used with neon highlights that bring how intense Worlds gets for the players.

Regardless of what you think of the song, you have to admit that the star of the video wasn’t any of the pro players or champions. It was this little Rengar kitty shown at the end of the animation.

Zedd is a fairly large producer who’s extremely well-known in the EDM and Top 40 scene. This partnership could mean the start of a lot of big things for future League of Legends music.