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Here’s how this year’s Worlds icons work

Time for some emote spam.

Riot Games

Worlds team emotes are back in League of Legends with a new twist. You can upgrade your emote to new tiers to get fancy recalls!

“Okay, wait, hold up. You’re going too fast. Emotes? Tiers? Recalls? What’s going on?” is what you’re probably thinking. Here’s a really easy breakdown of how it works.

1.) Buy a Worlds team icon to support your favorite team!

Any of the teams at Worlds now have special Worlds icons, like the previous years. Cop one and 30 percent of the proceeds will go towards the team you picked. Each icon is 250 RP.

2.) Each Worlds icon has a special emote that comes with it!

Equip the icon and head into game to use the special emote. Use whatever hotkey you have your mastery emote bound to in order to flash your team spirit! I use the mouse wheel, because I’m obnoxious a big fan of esports.

3.) Upgrade your emotes with Championship Jewel tokens.

Every day the games are broadcasted (15 days total), you can buy one token for 150 IP. Each token gives you two jewels. You can then use the jewels to upgrade your icon and emote in game. It costs 10 jewels to upgrade to tier two and 12 to upgrade to tier three. At tier three, you get a special recall effect for the team of your choice.

4.) Pay your way to the third tier if you don’t want to wait.

Afraid your team will get knocked out in group stages and your taunting will mean less by the time you can get that third tier? Have no fear. You can get more jewels with cash money by buying Hextech Chests. Each purchased chest comes with 3 jewels and the usual Hextech drops.

All leftover crafting materials, including PROJECT materials will expire at 11:59 p.m. PST on November 6, so make sure to use it all before then!