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Zedd teased as musician behind the 2016 Worlds theme song

Championship Zedd? :D

Riot Games

Update: Zedd is the artist, and his theme has been released.

The LoL Esports social media accounts have posted a .gif of Kha’Zix standing ominously, watching an explosion in the distance. The Worlds emblem sits in the middle of the graphic, with an overlay of...Zedd’s logo?!

The artist himself quoted the promotional tweet saying “9/26!” so we can expect the song to drop on Monday.

For the past couple of years, Riot has brought on musicians to collaborate for a theme song for the World Championships to help hype up both the fans and the players. In the past, the company worked with Imagine Dragons to create “Warriors” and Nicki Taylor to create “Worlds Collide.” The suspicious graphic can only mean that Riot’s next Worlds collaboration will feature Zedd.

Based on the tags on the posts, we can assume that the song will be fiery and intense - and probably called “Ignite.” There will also most-likely be a full animation to go with it, similarly to how there was for the 2014 World Championship’s song.

It’s unknown whether or not Zedd will be performing the song at Worlds, but either way, the new song is going to be fire.