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SSG Crown: ‘I never expected to be the first seed in the group’

The Rift Herald talked to Samsung’s mid laner Saturday, and awarded him a Titanium Spork.

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Saturday was a great day for Samsung Galaxy mid laner Min-ho “Crown” Lee. He put forward dominating performances all day, solokilling TSM mid laner Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg multiple times and leading Samsung to a 3-0 day and the No. 1 seed out of a very tough Group D.

The Rift Herald caught up with Crown shortly after the team’s dominating win over TSM. Crown also received our third Titanium Spork Award of the tournament for getting fed, following INTZ top laner Yang and Albus NoX mid laner Kira.

Full transcript below.

Christopher “chhopsky” Pollock: This is Chris, from Rift Herald, otherwise known as chhopsky. I’m here with Crown, of Samsung Galaxy. Crown, what an incredible game, no one should ever give you Viktor, ever. Why do you think that made it through pick and ban?

Min-ho “Crown” Lee: I’m not really sure why they left the Viktor, they probably had thought that they had a champion that could match him.

chhopsky: And in your game today with TSM, did you feel like Bjergsen was a challenge to lane against, or was that something that you felt quite comfortable with?

Crown: For today’s case, it was actually quite comfortable. The laning phase turned out like I planned and thought how it was going to be.

chhopsky: With your games in the group stage, have they felt like something that you felt like you could win those games the whole way through, or did you feel, perhaps, unsure whether you might win?

Crown: Before the start of week two, when I was streaming, I actually hit a slump, I chose champions that I was not comfortable with and playing the ways that I usually don’t play, so I was feeling pretty low. But as Week 2 started, I kept reminding myself that if I just do my role in the team, the team will do great, and it turned out great for me in the end. I never expected to be the first seed in the group, so I’m really happy.

chhopsky: Yeah, it definitely did turn out well for you. You are playing amazingly. So heading into playoffs, quarterfinals. Are there any teams that you are looking forward to playing, or any perhaps that you might not want to play?

Crown: There’s not really a team that I’m looking forward to meet particularly, but I’d like to avoid Korean teams if that’s possible.

chhopsky: I think most teams feel that way. Thank you for taking the team to speak to me today. I know that perhaps while not many people in North America had known of Samsung Galaxy before, they certainly do now, you’ve made a lot of new fans, and you’ve inspired me to go home and play Viktor.