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RNG stuns TSM, knocks North American champions out of Worlds

An abrupt and disappointing end to the tournament for TSM.

Riot Games

Royal Never Give Up has earned Group D’s second and final quarterfinal spot at the 2016 League of Legends World Championship, defeating Team SoloMid Saturday 22-11 in 36 minutes. After entering the day 2-1, TSM’s 1-2 Saturday was ultimately not enough to send them to the quarterfinals.

Earlier in the day, Samsung Galaxy earned Group D’s No. 1 seed by defeating all three teams in the group, including the fastest win so far at Worlds versus RNG. Even though both teams finish the group stage 3-3, RNG advances due to beating TSM in both head-to-head matches.

It’s a bitterly disappointing result for TSM, who entered the tournament as one of the favorites after looking like one of the best Western teams ever during the regular season (and during its win vs. Samsung Galaxy in Week 1).

At seven minutes, Uzi opened the game up for his team with the first three kills of the game on his signature Ezreal.

RNG was able to open up a 5-0 lead soon after, but TSM responded with two kills of its own. Bjergsen’s Ryze mounted a comeback effort, seemingly taking on the entire RNG squad at once and finishing the game 5/1/5, but it wasn’t enough.

At 26 minutes with Hauntzer pushing the bottom lane, RNG rushed Baron and took two kills to take an even tighter grip on the game.

At 31 minutes, TSM finally pulled the trigger in its own base, depending on its reliable mid laner to win the fight 5-2.

But a Baron for RNG a few minutes later sealed it, as RNG marched into TSM’s base, earning Uzi a Quadra kill and the team the win.

TSM started the day with a loss to Samsung before a somewhat shaky win against Splyce. RNG lost to both Splyce and Samsung in dominating fashion.