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TSM eliminates Splyce from Worlds

One more win and TSM makes the quarterfinals.

Riot Games

North America’s Team SoloMid has knocked out Europe’s Splyce from the 2016 League of Legends World Championship, defeating the European No. 3 seed 24-6 in 28 minutes Saturday. It was a crucial win for TSM, after a loss to Samsung Galaxy earlier in the game and facing a Splyce team that had just dominated Royal Never Give Up.

Splyce looked like it could upset expectations once again by taking the first kill of the game, but TSM responded with five consecutive kills over the next few minutes to take the lead.

Splyce was able to keep the game in reach thanks to its strong team-fighting, but the game ultimately came down to the decision to let TSM mid laner play his signature Syndra, currently one of the strongest champions in the meta. After that early kill, Bjergsen simply took over the game, making up for his disappointing Zilean performance against Samsung Galaxy earlier in the day.

Bjergsen finished the game 13/1/8.

With the win, TSM moves to 3-2 in the group stage, and will face Royal Never Give Up later in the day. A win will clinch a top eight finish and a spot in the quarterfinals. Tiebreakers are also certainly possible, meaning TSM could have multiple games left on the schedule.