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TSM drops crucial game to Samsung Galaxy

Samsung steps up to 3-1 in Worlds’ toughest group.

Riot Games

Samsung Galaxy has taken revenge for Week 1, taking down Team SoloMid 18-15 in 42 minutes in the first game of Group D action Saturday.

Both teams entered the day 2-1 and tied with Royal Never Give Up for first place in Group D, but TSM entered the day with one advantage: a stomp of Samsung in Week 1.

There are still quite a few scenarios for TSM to advance to the quarterfinals, but most of them involve a win against RNG later Saturday. RNG beat TSM in Week 1.

It was Samsung who struck first, taking advantage of an overzealous invade from TSM jungler Svenskeren.

It was an uncharacteristically poor game for Bjergsen’s Zilean, getting solokilled twice by Crown’s Viktor. But TSM clawed back into the game by outfarming, taking the lead back after a big outplay from its bottom lane:

With the lead, TSM became comfortable and started making plays, but overcommitted at 22 minutes and lost three in a fight. Samsung took Baron and the gold lead and never looked back.

Strong play from Doublelift’s Lucian almost brought TSM back, but two key objective fights gave Samsung the win. First, a triple kill for Ruler’s Jhin and a Baron:

Then, Ruler stole Elder Dragon with Jhin’s ultimate, sealing the eventual win.

The next game in Group D action will be Splyce vs. RNG.