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Jockster after INTZ Worlds exit: ‘I’m really happy with what we learned and the experience we had’

The Brazilian support talks to The Rift Herald following his team’s departure from Worlds.

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Group C of the 2016 League of Legends World Championship was decided Friday, as H2K and EDward Gaming earned the two spots to the quarterfinal round. One of the teams that will not be moving on in the tournament is Brazil’s INTZ e-Sports, who after a massive upset win over EDG last week finish the tournament at 1-5.

The Rift Herald caught up with INTZ support Luan “Jockster” Cardoso on Friday after the games. A full transcript of the interview can be found below.

Christopher “chhopsky” Pollock: Hey everyone, Chris from Rift Herald here, otherwise known as chhopsky. I am here with Jockster of INTZ. Jockster, how are you feeling?

Luan "Jockster" Cardoso: I feel pretty good. I think it was a really good experience for us, being here at Worlds, so I’m really happy with what we learned and the experience we had here was really fun.

chhopsky: Yeah, even at the end of your game with H2K, looking at your faces in the camera, you still looked happy, like you achieved something, and I’ll say, having beaten EDG quite convincingly and putting up great fights for the rest of them, I feel like you have achieved a lot and represented your region, brought new fans to INTZ. So that last game against H2K looked like a completely different team than the H2K we’ve seen in the group stage already, did you find this game a lot harder than they have been previously? Have those guys improved?

Jockster: I think H2K improved a lot, especially since they did the boot camp in Korea, and they came into this tournament really, really strong, I was impressed with their level. They are really crisp in their macro and when they need to react, when they need to pull the trigger, they do it instantly, they don’t hesistate. So I was really impressed with H2K and I think on that last game especially they played really well.

chhopsky: Yeah, they definitely did. So, having lost the first couple of games in Week 1, then coming back to this week, it doesn’t look like they’ve gotten tilted at all, and you guys look like you’ve been having fun and really trying your best the whole time. How’s your mental attitude been across the course of the last two weeks?

Jockster: Well we practiced a lot and we tried to look to what we did wrong in the first week and we tried to learn from our experience and our scrims, so I think our mentality was ‘Ok guys reset, this next week we just need to focus and play our game, if we play our game right and we can do our thing, we can win, so don’t worry, the tournament’s not over, we just need to focus and win those next games.’

chhopsky: Having played against Albus NoX in the Wildcard Qualifier, how do you rate them now compared to when they were qualifying?

Jockster: Albus NoX seems to have gotten a lot better this tournament, they played really, really well, I think they had a lot of confidence in what they were doing, so even though they weren’t playing the best thing in the meta, they would still play it with a lot of confidence and do what they know how to do. So I think Albus NoX is a really good team and I think they showed it here, I don’t think they changed a lot from the last time we played them, but I think that their confidence was a lot bigger than how they looked at the game and how they played show ed that.

chhopsky: Well thanks a lot for your time, and congratulations again on getting here, on having beaten EDG and no doubt gained a lot of fans. I know that your performance, Yang’s performance, Revolta, you’ve all impressed people all over the world, and we’ll all be following your careers from here on in.