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H2K earns Europe a spot in Worlds quarterfinals

A superb Friday secured a top eight finish.

Against all odds, H2K has qualified for Quarterfinals at Worlds 2016. The team recovered from a tough first week for the entire region, winning its first two games Friday in Week 2 to secure a spot out of Group C.

It has been a pretty rough tournament for EU fans after their entire region went 1-8 in Week 1 of Group Stages. Well, that one win for EU last week went to H2K, keeping the hopes of EU fans alive. Yesterday, G2 took home Europe’s second victory of the tournament, bringing the EU record to 2-10.

Coming into today, H2K had a fight ahead of them, and they came out swinging.

They started out with a victory against AHQ where H2K’s mid laner Ryu destroyed on the newly re-worked Ryze.

After a dominating performance against AHQ, H2K accomplished the unthinkable and took down the 1st place seed coming out of Week 1, EDG.

To finish out their regularly scheduled games, H2K finished off INTZ, the Wild Card David that took out the Chinese Goliath, EDG, last week.

With that victory, H2K end the day 3-0 and guarantee that Europe will have at least one team travel to Chicago next week for Quarterfinals. In just one week’s time, H2K went from being the weakest looking team in their group to playing a tiebreaker game for 1st seed.

After such a difficult week, whether they come into Quarterfinals as the 1st or the 2nd seed is irrelevant. H2K and EU fans can end this weekend holding their heads up high.