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More Worlds Baron steals means more Mystery Gift bonuses

Legendary and esports bonus!

Riot Games

Update: For the quarterfinal week, the bonus is 2x Legendary and esports bonus, following Kira’s Baron steal vs. H2K.

Week 2 of the 2016 League of Legends World Championships has provided a massive number of shocking events. Among those, has been a huge wealth of Baron steals, with two happening in the ROX Tigers vs Albus Nox Luna on day 5, and another in the H2K vs. ahq e-Sports match on day 6.

Just like in Week 1, any Baron steals or Pentakills made during Week 2 of Worlds means double the chance at Legendary Skins from all Mystery Gifts until the end of the weekend.

The bonus has now hit its maximum: all Mystery Gifts will grant a 4x bonus at Legendary Skins and Mystery Gifts!

First was ROX Tigers mid laner Kuro against Albus NoX:

At 36 minutes ANX was up by almost 10k gold and began baron. As Baron damage slowed, Peanut jumped into the Baron pit distracting ANX. During the chaos a perfectly timed Dark Sphere from Kuro’s Syndra finished the Baron and started a - brief - comeback for ROX Tigers that resulted in them closing the gold lead to 6k.

20 minutes later, ANX began attempting to sneak a Baron. While Smurf attempting to zone Peanut’s Lee Sin away from the Baron Pit, Peanut successfully kicked Smurf’s Poppy into the pit followed him in with a Sonic Wave into the Baron and stole it with a smite, once again pulling ROX Tigers back from the brink.

The third steal of the week came on day 6 in the midst of a close game between H2K and ahq e-Sports. After H2K finished a strong fight in a 3-0 trade they started Baron. As Baron got low ahq Support Albis walked by and cast Inner Flame, stealing the Baron out from under 5 members of H2K.