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Here's your Worlds Week 2 bingo card

It’s possible to win, we think.

Riot Games

After the madness of the first week of Worlds, we prepared something really special for you guys: A Worlds group stage bingo card.

Nothing from last week carries over. This is a fresh sheet. Will we get a bingo? Probably. It’s very, very possible.

With all the events that have happened in the past, like TSM’s Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng frequently joining the analyst desk, games lasting for over an hour and huge steals, anything is really possible.

We don’t know if North America will get an opportunity to play 10 games like they did last year for the tie-breaker, but we believe that the NA Worlds curse will probably continue on. (Sorry, boys.)

Last year, TSM’s Marcus “Dyrus” Hill announced his retirement at Worlds, bringing on the waterworks in the audience. Any players who don’t make it out of group stages might feel compelled to do the same this year.

We’ll be filling out the sheet on Twitter, if you want to follow along with us.