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Here’s how each Group A team can make it out of the Worlds group stage

Yes, even G2.

Riot Games

We’re halfway through the group stage at the 2016 League of Legends World Championship, which means things are starting to get interesting. Unlike the first week, where each group spread their games across four days of action, in the second week of play each group gets assigned one day to sort it all out.

For Group A, that’s Thursday. For a group with three 2-1 teams, there’s a lot of sorting out to be done. This isn’t exactly the position tournament favorite ROX Tigers expected to be in (or 0-3 European champions G2 Esports) but each team enters the day with a chance to move on. Russia’s Albus NoX Luna has a chance at becoming the first Wildcard team to ever make it out of the group stages, too.

How exactly can they accomplish that? Well, let’s look at each team and see exactly what they need to do to advance to the quarterfinal round and be one of the final eight teams remaining at Worlds.

For a visual view of all the scenarios, check out this cool graphic by Adam Pearce.

ROX Tigers (2-1)

Thursday schedule: vs. G2 Esports 7 p.m., vs. Albus NoX Luna 10 p.m., vs. Counter Logic Gaming 12 a.m.

What they need: To stop playing so poorly in the early game. On a more serious note, any two wins should put ROX in a good place for advancement. Beating CLG is most important, as that’s the team that beat ROX in Week 1.

Possible scenario: ROX beats G2, CLG, NoX beats ROX, G2 beats NoX, CLG beats NoX. ROX and winner of CLG vs. NoX tiebreaker advance.

Counter Logic Gaming (2-1)

Thursday schedule: vs. Albus NoX Luna 8 p.m., vs. G2 Esports 9 p.m., vs. ROX Tigers 12 a.m.

What they need: Wins against Albus NoX and G2 in the first two games would go a long way, but because of their loss to Albus NoX in Week 1, CLG needs to win more games than Albus NoX Thursday to guarantee advancement. If both teams tie (say, at 4-2), there will be a tiebreaker.

Possible scenario: CLG beats NoX and G2, ROX beats CLG, NoX and G2, NoX beats G2. ROX and CLG advance.

Albus NoX Luna (2-1)

Thursday schedule: vs. Counter Logic Gaming 8 p.m., vs. ROX Tigers 10 p.m., vs. G2 Esports 11 p.m.

What they need: Wins against CLG and G2 would clinch it for NoX.

Possible scenario: NoX beats CLG and G2, CLG beats G2, ROX beats everybody. ROX and NoX advance.

G2 Esports (0-3)

Thursday schedule: vs. ROX Tigers 7 p.m., vs. Counter Logic Gaming 9 p.m., vs. Albus NoX Luna 11 p.m.

What they need: To win all three games and hope that only one of the other three teams wins more than one game Thursday.

Possible scenario: G2 beats ROX, CLG and NoX, ROX beats CLG and NoX, G2 plays CLG vs. NoX winner in tiebreaker.