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LoL Worlds Week 2 schedule and watchability guide

What to watch and where to watch it.

Riot Games

With the first week of the 2016 League of Legends World Championship in the books, it’s time to turn our attention to Week 2, starting this Thursday. Every single team has lost at least one game, two groups have three 2-1 teams, and 10 of the 16 teams won two of their first three games.

Three games now remain for each team, as the format looks a little bit different for Week 2. Instead of games for each group being spread across the week, each group gets assigned one day to play out the rest of their games. Group A will play on Thursday, followed by Group C on Friday, Group D on Saturday and Group B on Sunday. Each team will play (at least) three games in one day, with any necessary tiebreakers to follow.

All the games will be broadcast live on and on the Riot Games Twitch and YouTube channels.

Here’s the games you should be keeping an eye on this week. For the full group stage schedule, click here. All times Eastern.

WATCH THIS Maybe watch this Hey, it's Worlds
Thursday Albus NoX Luna vs. Counter Logic Gaming, 8 p.m. Albus NoX Luna vs. ROX Tigers, 10 p.m. G2 Esports vs. ROX Tigers, 7 p.m.
ROX Tigers vs. Counter Logic Gaming, 12 a.m. G2 Esports vs. Albus NoX Luna, 11 p.m. Counter Logic Gaming vs. G2 Esports, 9 p.m.
Friday EDward Gaming vs. INTZ e-Sports, 7 p.m. ahq e-Sports Club vs. H2K, 8 p.m. H2K vs. EDward Gaming, 9 p.m.
ahq e-Sports Club vs. EDward Gaming, 12 a.m. INTZ e-Sports vs. ahq e-Sports Club, 10 p.m. INTZ e-Sports vs. H2K, 11 p.m.
Saturday Samsung Galaxy vs. TSM, 4 p.m. Splyce vs. Royal Never Give Up, 5 p.m.
Samsung Galaxy vs. RNG, 7 p.m. TSM vs. Splyce, 6 p.m.
RNG vs. TSM, 9 p.m. Splyce vs. Samsung Galaxy, 8 p.m.
Sunday Cloud9 vs. SKT, 5 p.m. I May vs. Flash Wolves, 4 p.m. SKT vs. I May, 7 p.m.
Flash Wolves vs. SKT, 9 p.m. Cloud9 vs. Flash Wolves, 6 p.m. I May vs. Cloud9, 8 p.m.

An explanation for this week's WATCH THIS picks:

  • Group A has three 2-1 teams, but it's safe to say ROX Tigers still seem a step above the rest. G2 could still make a run for it, but the most interesting fight will be between Russia's Albus NoX Luna, hoping to become the first Wildcard team to make it out of the group stage, and Counter Logic Gaming.
  • Group C's EDward Gaming will be looking for revenge after a Week 1 embarrassment to INTZ e-Sports. Honestly, this group only becomes interesting if INTZ returns to Day 1 form.
  • Group D is extremely feast or famine. Sorry Splyce, I love ya, but you're 0-3 for a reason and it seems unlikely more than one game will go your way this week. The other three teams in the group are clearly three of the best in the tournament, and those games are going to be ones to monitor very closely.
  • Group B has two 2-1 teams: Cloud9 and SK Telecom T1. It was a fun matchup the first time around, and now Impact gets to face his old team once again. The other MUST WATCH from this group: SKT gets another shot at revenge at the Flash Wolves after a third straight defeat.