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Maple: Fan support helped Flash Wolves overcome Worlds struggles and beat SKT

“Even though we lost our two games in pretty bad fashion, people are still willing to support us. That made us overcome our difficulties.”

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After disappointing losses to I May and Cloud9 started off Flash Wolves’ promising Worlds campaign on sour notes, the team responded with a bang Sunday, taking down defending champions SK Telecom T1. It was the third straight time Flash Wolves defeated SKT, dating back to MSI, and the squad now improves to 5-0 all-time against Korean teams.

With the win, Flash Wolves also took down the only remaining unbeaten team in the tournament, meaning every single squad has at least one loss entering Week 2. After the win, The Rift Herald caught up with the team’s star mid laner.

Christopher "chhopsky" Pollock: I’m here with Maple, mid laner for the Flash Wolves. Maple, you guys have come back off two defeats in a row to take down SKT, an unarguably stronger team than the teams that already beat you. When you look at your play from the first two games to this one, it seems like a completely new team. How did you guys change from the first few games to now, to play like this?

Yi-Tang “Maple” Huang: So we should have won the first two games, but we didn’t, we didn’t close out the game. I think our main issue was the mid phase of the game, that we couldn’t power through and close it out. And if we correct those mistakes, we should be fine.

chhopsky: Yeah, it seems definitely that the mid game and the late game was a lot stronger and a lot more decisive. Did decision-making happen quicker? How was the communication around the shotcalling?

Maple: I think it’s just like going for it, because the previous games we were always like indecisive, like should we take Baron or not, should we take this dragon or not, and this game we just decided to go for it, so that’s why.

chhopsky: This new attitude of just going for it obviously is working out for you guys quite well. We finally got to see Aurelion Sol today. I think that’s the biggest Star Surge that I’ve seen in a competitive game ever. Were you comfortable playing Aurelion Sol going into that and going into Faker’s Cassiopeia?

Maple: Playing against Cassiopeia, is not a problem, I’ve been doing scrims with that for quite some time, so laning phase is definitely no a problem. But the strongest part for Aurelion Sol is roaming, with Aurelion Sol I’m able to help my team out in different lanes.

chhopsky: I know that you have a lot of fans in North America, there was a lot of activity on Twitter, everyone was cheering for Flash Wolves in this matchup. Do you have anything to say to your American fans?

Maple: I would like to thank the fans. It was really great to see people holding up our sign in the audience, because even though we lost our two games in pretty bad fashion, people are still willing to support us. That made us overcome our difficulties.

chhopsky: That’s really great to hear, and it’s really great for all of us see you guys perform at the level that we all know you that you can. Thank you for your time with me today, and we look forward to seeing the rest of your games.