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3 things to know from another wild day at Worlds

Now we get a few days off before the real action starts.

Riot Games
  1. MORE upsets

Another day, another group of unexpected results. First, Russia’s Albus NoX Luna took down G2 Esports, moving the European champions to 0-3 and making a strong case for the Wildcard team as Europe’s best representative at Worlds.

Then, CLG took down the ROX Tigers, making this the second consecutive international tournament that CLG followed up a loss to a Wildcard team with a win over a Korean one. A star performance from Huhi’s Aurelion Sol (thankfully enabled before the start of the day) helped lead CLG to the ever-important win.

Flash Wolves continued the day of surprises with its third straight win over defending champions SK Telecom T1, moving to 5-0 all-time against Korean teams. The win was even more surprising considering Flash Wolves had started the tournament 0-2 with disappointing losses to Cloud9 and I May.

And speaking of Cloud9 and I May, depending on how you judge each region, C9’s second victory of the tournament could counts as an upset in its own right.

2. For the love of god, ban Aurelion Sol

Did teams forget Aurelion Sol was re-enabled Sunday, or did they just not know how powerful it was? Both the ROX Tigers and SK Telecom T1 fell victim to the space dragon, as Huhi and Maple put together dominating performances on the champion. While Sol was disabled, Syndra was the top champion in the tournament, but it certainly appears like Sol is going to occupy that spot now. With his ability to push out waves and quickly roam, he can build advantages for his team around the map and not lose lane — and incredibly powerful skillset that will likely see him permabanned for most of the rest of the tournament.

3. Week 2 is going to be AWESOME

Now these teams get almost a week off to recollect and adjust strategies, and that’s when things really start to get interesting. Expect some surprise pocket picks next week, and some hopeful improvement from the tournament’s only winless teams: Europe’s G2 Esports and Splyce. No undefeated teams remain, so we’re this close to every team having at least one win and one loss.

As a reminder for how Week 2 of Worlds works, every group gets one assigned day to finish out its standings, instead of spreading out the play over the weekend. That means each Group A team will play every other Group A team on Thursday, every Group B team will play the other Group B teams on Friday, etc. It’s going to be a super fun weekend, and we can’t wait to watch it with you.