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Watch the incredible cross-map Ashe arrow that won ROX Tigers Game 2 vs. SKT

One of the best games, and best finishes we’ve ever seen.

Riot Games

The 2016 League of Legends World Championship semifinal Game 2 brought us one of the most memorable games in the tournament’s history. Alongside a support Miss Fortune, it also included one of the best Crystalline Arrows in competitive League of Legends history.

While SK Telecom attempts to mount a comeback by starting a push into ROX Tiger’s base, Seo-haeng “Kuro” Lee and Jong-in “PraY” Kim begin an aggressive split push toplane. Initially it seemed like SK Telecom would succeed taking significant objectives as they seemed to be winning a number of skirmishes across the map. However, at the 32 minute mark it became clear that the ROX Tigers split push was a serious threat to the SKT base.

SK Telecom’s top laner Ho-Seong “Duke” Lee, noticing the threat posed by the split push, realized he would need to Teleport to save the game. The only problem for SKT was that PraY was one step ahead the whole time. Moments before Duke even started his Teleport PraY fired a Crystalline Arrow across the map from the blue side base all the way to the red side outer bottom lane tower. The arrow made contact in the middle of Duke’s Teleport interrupting it and allowing PraY and Kuro to finish off the SK Telecom base to secure victory and help ROX Tigers even the series at 1-1.

This wasn’t the first time this year PraY won a game with a cross-map Ashe arrow, either.