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ROX Tigers beat SKT twice with Miss Fortune support in the Worlds semifinals

Yes, really.

Riot Games

For a full series recap, click here.

Game 2 of the 2016 League of Legends World Championship Semi-Final between SK Telecom and ROX Tigers has officially given us the tournament’s strangest pick so far: Miss Fortune support.

After losing a 40 minute Game 1 in which they never had a lead, ROX decided Game 2 was the right place to bring out an incredibly strange pick for support, and won with it. During the final pick on red side Beom-hyeon “GorillA” Kang locked in Miss Fortune -- traditionally played as an AD Carry -- to play as his support champion.

The pick itself makes a fairly good amount of sense. Miss Fortune scales heavily on Ability Power allowing her to itemize similarly to other poke supports such as Zyra or Karma. She also offers several very long range abilities. In fact, her E “Make it Rain” allows her to not only poke the team and kill Zyra’s plants, but also to PROC all three charges of her Spellthief’s Edge. The pick also fit well with ROX Tiger’s overall team composition. Her ultimate “Bullet Time” also combines nicely with the stun of Jong-in “PraY” Kim’s Ashe’s ultimate “Crystalline Arrow.”

Early on in the match the play was used to strong effect helping ROX Tigers bottom lane get up to a 4-0 lead at 12 minutes. Gorilla’s MF was 0/0/7 by 15 minutes, and ROX ended up winning the game after an incredible finish.

Over the last two years, the match up between SK Telecom and ROX Tigers has been one of the most contentious in all of League of Legends. It’s also a match up that ROX has come up short in on each of their previous meetings. Because of that, it was assumed that ROX Tigers would have a surprise pick prepared, but it would have been almost impossible to predict something as strange as Miss Fortune support.

And because if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, ROX locked in the MF support with Ashe against Zyra once again in Game 3. ROX won once again.