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Huhi’s Aurelion Sol leads CLG to massive upset over ROX Tigers

You’re going to want to ban that champion, Group A teams.

Riot Games

North American No. 2 seed Counter Logic Gaming pulled off yet another stunning upset at this year’s Worlds, taking down South Korea’s ROX Tigers, a team considered by many to be the best in the world.

Most people counted out CLG pretty immediately. This was an understandable reaction: the ROX Tigers entered Sunday 2-0 and the presumptive tournament favorite, while CLG was coming off a loss to a Wildcard team.

But one thing was in CLG’s favor: Aurelion Sol being re-enabled. Mid laner Jae-hyun “Huhi” Choi took his signature champion and took the ROX Tigers to the cleaners, leading to a 21-8 win in 40 minutes. Huhi finished the game 11/1/6 and was awarded player of the game.

It all started with Huhi’s amazing gank to the bottom lane at barely two minutes into the game.

After securing his team First Blood, Huhi snowballed his lead into an incredible 9/0/1 at 21 minutes. Getting to that score took some intense plays on the part of the Celestial Dragon, Aurelion Sol. Plays like this one.

Huhi continued to push his lead into an impressive mid game, affording his team kills in almost every direction. But then, in the moment of silence, when it looked as though Huhi was going to get caught out, this happened:

CLG was able to close out the game from there, taking the win and moving to 2-1 on the tournament. Fellow Group A teams ROX Tigers and Albus NoX Luna are also 2-1.

This is the second win for a North American team over a Korean opponent at this year’s Worlds, following Team SoloMid’s dominating win against Samsung Galaxy.