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Albus NoX’s Kira talks CLG upset, Worlds hopes

“We can try to win all games.”

Riot Games

Albus NoX Luna pulled off the second upset at this year’s Worlds Saturday, taking down North American No. 3 seed Counter Logic Gaming. After the Russian team’s win, The Rift Herald talked to the team’s starting mid laner.

Here’s a full transcript of the interview:

Christopher "chhopsky" Pollock: I am here with Kira, of Albus NoX Luna. Kira, congratulations, that was an amazing win. How did you feel going into this matchup today?

Mykhailo "Kira" Harmash: Ok, like, vs. Korean we did pretty good start, so we thought like, vs. CLG we can win, especially because ... okay it doesn’t matter, we can win vs. CLG. They beat G2 so it may be hard, but still we can.

chhopsky: Yeah, that was an incredible standard of play that you pulled out, some great macro. How did you feel about the matchup, going Jayce into Syndra?

Kira: Ok, this matchup is like 50/50. If I see enemy jungler, I can do something, but start of the game was like Syndra ahead of experience, ahead of lane. I missed a lot of minions, it was really bad. So yeah, my start of the game was bad, but after I get some kills and assists, it started to be better with good roams, so it’s like I can do anything, she can try, but why should we do this, so no one does something.

chhopsky: At what point in the game did you realize that it was within striking distance of closing out?

Kira: It was pretty hard to close, like I saw that we need Baron, we got him, and to play team fights I need armor pen because I can get carries with Jayce, so I said we need 5-10 minutes and we will get this. When my team cages them up at river, I did a lot of damage to Syndra, AMiracle did a lot of damage to all of them, and you know.

chhopsky: It was incredible to watch. Especially the few of us that are here from a Wildcard region are very happy for you. With the fight on the top side that nearly went horribly wrong that you guys ended up winning, was there any point in that where you felt like that CLG might have the upper-hand?

Kira: Yeah, it was a pretty tough fight, like I could kill someone, I could die, but if I didn’t miss that Q-E on Ezreal, it was a really easy fight and Baron after it, so we could end the game.

chhopsky: Yeah, it seemed like there were a couple of missed skillshots there that might have turned the tide back against you, but you guys managed to hold on and close it out, just incredible to watch. So what games for the rest of your group stage are you looking forward to?

Kira: For all of them. We can try to win all games. We just need to draft good and play good.