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TSM survives Splyce with comeback victory

Splyce nearly pulled off the massive upset.

Riot Games

European No. 3 seed Splyce almost continued the recent Worlds trend of massive upsets in the group stage, but North American champions Team SoloMid were able to hold on for a 44-minute victory.

With the win, TSM moves to 2-1 as its first week concludes. Splyce falls to 0-3, and is the only Group D team without a win.

This was a much improved performance for Splyce, whose coach we talked to Friday. Splyce targeted TSM jungler Svenskeren’s champion pool, banning out three junglers (including Lee Sin) and first-picking Rek’Sai, leaving him on a less comfortable (and slower-paced) Skarner pick. Splyce took advantage, winning the early game and taking advantage of some silly TSM mistakes.

Undisciplined play from Splyce in the mid-to-late game resulted in three unanswered picks for TSM. That led to a TSM Baron, and eventually a TSM Elder Dragon a few minutes later. By 44 minutes, TSM marched into Splyce’s base and won the final fight, taking the game and the win.

If Royal Never Give Up defeats Samsung Galaxy in the day’s final game, as expected, TSM will have sole possession of second place in the group.