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Talking to an SKT fan in Chicago after the quarterfinal win

As expected, it was a good day to be an SKT fan.

Riot Games

Firday night, SKT was able to keep the Korean Hype Train moving after steamrolling RNG in a 3-1 series. The Rift Herald was able to catch up with one long-time SKT fan who was excited to be able to see Faker player in person.

Jordan seemed impressed with Faker’s Syndra and loved Blank’s Zac pick from game two. When asked specifically about his thoughts on having two junglers, Jordan wasn’t particularly convinced. He would much rather see them just play one jungler all the time, rather than swapping them out. If he had to pick between the longtime jungler Bengi and the newer jungler Blank, he would go for Blank.

At the end of the day though, Jordan was just a SKT fan who couldn’t get enough of seeing his favorite player, Faker, play on the big stage and recreate the finals from MSI earlier this year. We also talked to Faker and head coach kkOma after the win.