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CoreJJ after win vs. C9: ‘Getting booed ... definitely motivated us to play even better’

The Samsung Galaxy support also reveals which skin he would want if his team wins it all.

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The No. 3 team from Korea, Samsung Galaxy, matched up against North America’s No. 3 seed in Day 1 of the League of Legends Worlds 2016 Quarterfinals.

After a swift victory against Cloud9, Samsung Galaxy’s support, Yongin “CoreJJ” Jo, sat down with The Rift Herald to talk about how it felt to get booed by NA fans and who he wants his Championship skin to go to if SSG wins Worlds.

Ryan Gilliam: I wanted to ask you, specifically, obviously with the NA teams and you going against C9 there was a huge element - obviously Samsung got booed when they came out. Was that a motivating factor? How did that affect the way you guys came out and played?

Yongin “CoreJJ” Jo: So of course we didn’t expect as many cheers as C9, but getting booed at by the crowd, it definitely motivated us to play even better. We were actually really, really “burnt-up” to play even better after that incident happened.

Ryan: So when you guys came out after your games and had those cheers from the fans in the lobby, how did that feel after accepting those boos earlier?

CoreJJ: So at first, we really felt good, because we felt like we accomplished something by beating C9. Also we felt responsibility by beating the last NA team.

While we sadly lost some of the audio here, CoreJJ went on to express that Samsung feels a responsibility to North American fans to carry their expectations forward into the tournament. CoreJJ hopes that NA fans will support him and Samsung Galaxy as they continue through the bracket. He promised that the team would play their best in the semi-finals, and if they were to get there, the finals themselves, to honor all of the North American fans.

When asked about who he would like to face next weekend, H2K or Albus NoX Luna, CoreJJ said that he would like to go against ANX, stating that he would enjoy playing against Likkrit, ANX’s support player, and his bizarre Champion pool.

We were able to salvage the audio from our final question.

Ryan: If you guys go all the way, and you win in the finals, CoreJJ, who would you like to see as your Champion skin and could you describe it for me a little bit?

CoreJJ: So looking back at my group stage performance and my own personal preference, I would like Tahm Kench as my Champion. I would like to see him designed in more of a bully, gangster type where he just goes over all his opponents. I don’t want to see a rather cute version, but a more gangster/hipster type Champion.