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An interview with a C9 fan at Worlds, who is now an Albus NoX fan at Worlds

Yeah, we get that.

Riot Games

Last night, Samsung Galaxy crushed the hopes of NA fans everywhere when they took down Cloud 9 in Day 1 of the Worlds 2016 Quarterfinals. The arena was buzzing with C9 hopes all day long, but in the end, the boos from the crowd were not enough to keep Samsung down. While C9 were defeated, their fans certainly weren’t. We were able to catch up with one particular C9 fan who was just happy to be there.

Like many of the fans there, Eddie (was just happy to be able to see his team play. A long time fan of the organization, our C9 fan was specifically excited to see Meteos play Zac in person. Back in Season 3, when C9 was first accepted into the LCS, Meteos became famous for his ability to play the amorphous, green blob Champion to a ban-worthy degree.

Worlds will roll on without Cloud 9, but if other C9 fans are anything like Eddie, it looks like Russian Wildcard Albus NoX Luna may be getting a whole new group of fans. Towards the end of our time together, Eddie stated that he wanted to see ANX proceed into the Semi-finals to face off against Samsung Galaxy. While he expressed concern about FORG1VEN, calling him a “God,” Eddie seemed hopeful that ANX could make all of our dreams come true this Sunday when they face off against H2K.