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Bengi reportedly starting for SKT vs. RNG

The two-time world champion has been awoken!

Riot Games

After mostly relying on Sung-gu “Blank” Kang in the group stage of the tournament, defending League of Legends world champions SK Telecom T1 will instead use Seong-woong “Bengi” Bae as its starting jungler in theupcoming quarterfinal matchup against Royal Never Give Up, according to Lolesports’ matchup page. It is worth noting that Bengi started SKT’s final game of the group stage, so it is possible he is just listed as the starter because he was most the recent one.

Bengi, 22, was the starting jungler for SKT in Season 3 when it won the whole tournament, and once again in Season 5 when it did the same. He was replaced by Blank, 18, as the team’s starting jungler at IEM Katowice in March, and although Bengi played 14 games in the Summer Split, Blank played 27 games and all five games in the playoffs.

In the group stage, Blank played four of SKT’s six games, with wins in three of them. Bengi played in two games -- both wins for SKT. Bengi’s two games were on Elise vs. Cloud9 (3/1/4) and on Olaf vs. Flash Wolves (1/1/14).

Before joining SKT, Blank played for Star Horn Royal Club, the predecessor to Royal Never Give Up. The winner of Friday’s best-of-five will advance to the semifinal and play the winner of the ROX Tigers vs. EDward Gaming quarterfinal.