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Only 6 perfect Worlds pick’ems remain after upset-filled group stage

Yeah, you weren’t the only one who had their bracket busted.

Riot Games

This year’s League of Legends World Championship has been absolutely full of surprises. European champions G2 Esports fell out of the tournament with a 1-5 record, while North American champions Team SoloMid fell well short of their top-four goal with a group stage exit. The LMS had a very poor tournament as well, with both ahq e-Sports Club and Flash Wolves exiting in the group stage.

The biggest surprise, of course, has been the success of Russian champions Albus NoX Luna, who qualified for the tournament out of the International Wildcard. NoX promptly beat both Counter Logic Gaming and G2 Esports in the first week before taking down Korean champions ROX and CLG (again) in Week 2, finishing the group stage 4-2 and becoming the first Wildcard team to ever qualify for the Worlds knockout stage.

Well, if all of those upsets messed up your pick’em bracket, you weren’t alone. Just six people picked perfect brackets — that’s 0.00033% of all brackets. For comparison, seven people picked brackets that were completely wrong. So that’s right — you were more likely to get zero quarterfinalists correct this year than all of them.

A reminder: anyone who finishes this year’s tournament with a perfect bracket will receive an ultimate skin bundle with three skins.