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Cloud9 wins 70-minute marathon Worlds match vs. Flash Wolves

Crucial comeback victory for C9’s Group B chances.

Riot Games

Cloud9 pulled off a remarkable comeback victory in its second game of Worlds Saturday, defeating the Flash Wolves in a 70-minute marathon Group B clash. The game was the longest one so far at Worlds this year, surpassing Flash Wolves’ first game against I May.

C9 trailed all game, with top laner Impact the only player holding a gold lead over his opponent. But a great late game team fight composition led by Kennen, Caitlyn and Orianna meant that once the game was extended later and later (as tends to happen with Flash Wolves games), C9 was able to win team fights despite a gold deficit.

A crucial Baron steal by Jensen helped extend the game even further, and the Kennen + Orianna combination proved too much for the Flash Wolves.

Jensen finished the game 6/0/3 on Orianna, and said after the game the team didn’t really expect to be able to win after the early deficit. It’s hard to blame them:

The game just barely missed being the longest game in Worlds history -- that honor goes to 2014’s Fnatic vs. OMG match, which lasted 71:34.

Both teams had lost their first game of the tournament, and C9 now has a leg up in the hunt for a knockout stages spot. SK Telecom T1 will play I May in the other Group B match Saturday, with the winner taking sole possession of first place in the group.