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Aurelion Sol will be enabled for Worlds Day 4 after bug fix

Take a deep breath, CLG fans.

Riot Games

Riot has identified the “root cause” of the recent Aurelion Sol bug that caused the champion to be disabled for the first three days of Worlds, and will enable the champion to be played starting on Day 4 of the tournament (Sunday), as announced early Saturday morning.

The issue first came up in Day 1’s TSM vs. RNG game, when RNG locked in Aurelion Sol against TSM’s Cassiopeia (the same champion combination during TSM’s previous encounter with an Aurelion Sol bug).

This time, the problem was Aurelion Sol’s orbiting stars disappearing from view, apparently when they got too close to walls.

This is particularly good news for North America’s Counter Logic Gaming, a team that has relied on the Aurelion Sol pick heavily ever since the Mid-Season Invitational. Head coach Tony “Zikz” Gray had called on players at home to try and find the reason for the bug to better the chances of the champion being re-enabled.

CLG mid laner Jae-hyun “Huhi” Choi is only 2-3 on Aurelion Sol in professional play, but it’s an important pick for the team that fits in well with the style of play CLG often employs.