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K/DA Akali gets a Prestige Edition skin

Lissandra and Camille’s Coven skins are bringing a little witchcraft to Summoner’s Rift

Leona is getting 2 new eclipse-themed skins

Star Guardian Lux, Ezreal, Miss Fortune, Soraka and Lulu are getting special onesie Variant skins

K/DA Akali is going to get a neon update

Variant skins: What you need to know about League’s newest cosmetic

League Partner chromas will be in the Blue Essence shop

Nami and LeBlanc join the Program skin lines with two new techno skins

The new Praetorian skin line has been revealed, Fiddlesticks and Graves get first skins

New Halloween-themed skins for Ekko, Janna and Kled appear in the night (update)

Victorious Orianna is the 2018 season reward

K/DA Kai’Sa, Akali, Ahri and Evelynn revive the popstar skin line (update)

Ezreal rework: W changes, skins and more

Dragon Trainer Heimerdinger has a ton of scaly friends

Infernal Amumu turns the mummy into a fiery demon

Riot announces the Worlds Pass for the 2018 World Championship