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Hextech Jarvan IV is the next shiny crafting-exclusive skin

Versus 2019 skins: Fuzz Fizz, Corgi Corki, Pretty Kitty Rengar, and Meowrick are adorable

We can vote on Tristana’s newest skin, with three adorable options

K/DA Ahri sparkles in her Prestige Edition skin

Kayle and Morgana rework: Updated skins and splash art

Arclight Brand turns his usual flames into beams of light

Papercraft Anivia and Nunu & Willump probably won’t give you paper cuts

Shaco, Nunu & Willump, Zilean, Ivern, and more neglected champs to get skins in 2019

Yearly Prestige skins will be unlockable with Prestige Points

Valentine’s Day 2019: Heartbreaker Vi and Heartpiercer Fiora skins remind that love hurts

Sylas release skin: Lunar Wraith seeks revenge

2019 Lunar Revel skins: Firecracker Vayne and Sejuani, Coin Emperor Tahm Kench ring in the Year of the Boar

Blood Moon Sivir, Pyke and Aatrox appear on the horizon

Master Yi, Dr. Mundo, Soraka and Twitch get Snowdown skins

Neeko release skin: Winter Wonderland makes the Curious Chameleon icy

Hextech Renekton can be yours (for gemstones) in patch 8.24