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Lux is getting two new space skins; Malphite, Xerath, and Mordekaiser also get some

Gee, Lux, how come Riot lets you have TWO new skins?

Cosmic Lux holds her hand out towards a blue glowing object Image: Riot Games

More Dark Star skins are coming to League of Legends, this time for Malphite, Xerath, and Mordekaiser. Lux is also getting two skins that match in the set: Cosmic and Dark Cosmic.

Based on her splash art, Lux seems like a goddess in this universe, having two different forms. It seems like she was once a good goddess, but somehow got corrupted, mayhaps by the other Dark Star skins.

Cosmic skins are described as “creatures of sublime love,” according to the Event Horizon skin page on the League of Legends wiki. On the flip side, Dark Star skins are referred to as “unknowable monstrosities.” Cosmic skins, like Cosmic Queen Ashe, are seen as the protagonists, with the Dark skins, like Dark Cosmic Jhin and Dark Star Karma, appearing as the antagonists.

Out of the five new skins in this set, Malphite will be getting a Prestige Edition skin, which will be purchasable using event tokens.

Cosmic Lux

Cosmic Lux’s ingame turnarounds. She’s colored with a light blue and purple glow Image: Riot Games

Dark Cosmic Lux

Dark Cosmic Lux destroys a planet with a menacing look on her face Image: Riot Games
Dark Cosmic Lux’s in-game model, colored with purple and golds Image: Riot Games

Dark Star Mordekaiser

Dark Star Mordekaiser swings his weapon back, drawing in a blue glowing line of space debris Image: Riot Games
Dark Star Mordekaiser’s in-game model. His usual axe is turned into a huge glowing black hole Image: Riot Games

Dark Star Xerath

Dark Star Xerath rains energy down onto planets, destroying them Image: Riot Games
Dark Star Xerath’s in-game model, which is colored with dark purples, instead of his usual blue hue Image: Riot Games

Dark Star Malphite

Dark Star Malphite punches through a planet Image: Riot Games
Dark Star Malphite’s in-game models, which is uses magenta and gold, unlike some of the other more purple Dark Star skins Image: Riot Games

This post will be updated as more information becomes available.