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League of Legends’ Louis Vuitton partnership continues with True Damage Prestige Senna

Nicolas Ghesquière is back with another True Damage skin

Louis Vuitton Senna a True Damage Prestige skin Image: Riot Games

Riot has revealed its second League of Legends skin collaboration with Louis Vuitton, for True Damage Prestige Senna. The League of Legends Twitter account tweeted a preview of the skin on Tuesday morning, along with some concept art of the new skin.

Just like the first True Damage Prestige skin, this Louis Vuitton collaboration skin was designed by Nicolas Ghesquière, Louis Vuitton’s artistic director of women’s collections. The new skin is an updated version of the previous True Damage Senna skin, which came out along with the rest of the True Damage line during Worlds 2019. The in-game Louis Vuitton skin line goes along with the League of Legends physical clothing line that the renowned fashion company released late last year.

Previous Prestige skins, including the Louis Vuitton Qiyana skin, were available for players to buy using currency from events. Most events in League of Legends require you to buy the event pass and then grind out games and missions to earn currency.

True Damage Senna stands in decked out gold accessories, with her railgun sporting the Louis Vuitton logo Image: Riot Games

The new Prestige version of the skin will be on the PBE in the next couple of days, when we should get a few more images of it as well as exactly how players will be able to unlock it.