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Ashe, Darius, and Hecarim join the High Noon skin gang

Hecarim can be a horse and a cowboy!

Riot Games via Surrender@20

New High Noon skins have popped up on the Public Beta Environment for Ashe, Darius, and Hecarim.

The High Noon skin line always focused on cowboys, but in recent years, the skin line has evolved to have more of a fiery, demonic tone. Other High Noon skins have gone to Jhin, Yasuo, Twisted Fate, Lucian, Thresh, and Urgot. However, it has been confirmed that other cowboy-esque skins like Bandito Fiddlesticks and Longhorn Alistar also take place in the same universe.

You can take a look at the skins and their splash art below.

High Noon Ashe

High Noon Ashe gets ready to fire a glowing arrow while sitting on a horse Riot Games

This is Ashe’s 11th skin, with her last being Cosmic Queen Ashe in Aug. 2018.

High Noon Darius

High Noon Darius ignites the blade of his axe while sitting in front of a fire Riot Games
Riot Games via Surrender@20

This is Darius’ eighth skin, with his last being God-King Darius from June 2018.

High Noon Hecarim

High Noon Hecarim swings his blade around, while shadows surround him Riot Games
Riot Games via Surrender@20

This is Hecarim’s eighth skin with his last being the Gemstone-exclusive Lancer Zero Hecarim in Aug. 2017. His last widely available skin before this was Worldbreaker Hecarim in Nov. 2016.

This post will be updated as more information becomes available.