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Ryze is getting 2019’s Championship skin

Ryze has been a major player in League esports for a long time

Championship Ryze fires off fireworks in his recall Riot Games via SkinSpotlights

This year’s Championship skin is going to Ryze, the original Rune Mage that has become one of the main mascots for League of Legends.

The Championship skins go to champions who have seen abundant and iconic pro play in the last year, and Ryze saw a lot of play, especially during the Mid-Season Invitational for this year. Ryze had a 95.2% pick/ban rate. While Akali, Sylas, and Jayce all sported an 100% pick/ban rate throughout the same tournament, Ryze has been an iconic figure in competitive League for a long time, making his choice here make sense.

Ryze is decked out in gold and silver armor for his Championship skin. He also has a pretty majestic beard. Riot Games

This is Ryze’s 11th skin, with his last being SKT T1 Ryze in Aug. 2016. Riot Games frequently notes that esports skins don’t really count when considering how long it’s been since a champion has gotten a skin, though. With that being said, his last non-esports skin was Ryze Whitebeard in Dec. 2015.

Championship Ryze holds a blue ball of energy while looking down at the viewer Riot Games

This post will be updated as more information becomes available.