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Hextech Amumu is League’s latest crafting-exclusive skin

Score Hextech Amumu if you’re super lucky, or if you have 10 Gemstones to spare

Hextech Amumu cries his robot-y tears on a nearby Katarina Riot Games via SkinSpotlights

A new Hextech Crafting skin has popped up on the Public Beta Environment for the sad mummy we all love, Amumu.

Hextech Amumu will have the same availability of the other Hextech Crafting skins. You’ll be able to craft it directly using 10 rare Gemstones, but you can also get really lucky and roll the skin straight out of a box. If you roll it out of a box, there won’t be any need to use Orange Essence to unlock it, it will unlock automatically.

Hextech Amumu is sporting the usual golds, purples, and blues that you see in a Hextech skin Riot Games

Something about his robot eyes are jarring, but the wind-up key on the back of his head spinning around is charming. (Though it brings up the question: What happens when it stops turning?)

Hextech Amumu cries as he’s neglected on a shelf Riot Games

This is Amumu’s 10th skin, with his last being Infernal Amumu in Oct. 2018.

The skin should release in patch 9.19 when the rest of the PBE cycle goes live.

This post will be updated as more information becomes available.