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Riven, Morgana, and Nami are getting Immortal Journey skins

Three new skins that add an Eastern fantasy twist to the champions

Splendid Staff Nami stands elegantly in the jungle Riot Games via SkinSpotlights

A handful of new skins have popped up on the League of Legends Public Beta Environment, three of which are Immortal Journey skins.

Valiant Sword Riven, Majestic Empress Morgana, and Splendid Staff Nami expand the Immortal Journey storyline further. Valiant Sword Riven will also have a golden Prestige Edition.

The other skins in this line are Soaring Sword Fiora, Divine Sword Irelia, Scared Sword Janna, Eternal Sword Yi, and Enduring Sword Talon. God Fist Lee Sin and God Staff Jax also are part of the Immortal Journey universe, though their aesthetics are a bit different from the rest.

We can expect these skins to launch in patch 9.19 if all goes well.

Majestic Empress Morgana

Majestic Empress Morgana wields some power in her hand, while a pond in front of her reflects Enduring Sword Talon Riot Games
Majestic Empress Morgana’s model is wearing shades of violet and teal and sporting some feathery wings Riot Games

This is Morgana’s ninth skin, with her last being Bewitching Morgana in Oct. 2016. (Though she did just get a visual rework earlier this year, which is essentially getting a bunch of revamped skins.)

Splendid Staff Nami

Splendid Staff Nami swims below cherry blossoms Riot Games
Splendid Staff Nami is in pinks and purples and has flowing dark purple hair Riot Games

This will be Nami’s seventh skin, her last being Program Nami from Nov. 2018.

Valiant Sword Riven

Valiant Sword Riven poses on the edge of a balcony, with a dragon in the background Riot Games
Valian Sword Riven is dressed in red and dark purple and her hair is tied into a short black ponytail Riot Games

This will be Riven’s ninth (and 10th, including the Prestige Edition skin) skin, with her last being Pulsefire Riven in May 2018.

Valiant Sword Riven Prestige Edition

Valiant Sword Riven Prestige Edition sits atop a balcony ledge Riot Games
Valiant Sword Riven’s Prestige skin is in white and gold, and she looks more elegant and god-like Riot Games

This article will be updated as more information becomes available.