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Hextech Rammus rolls in as exclusive crafting reward


Hextech Rammus stands adopt a pedestal, like an exotic prize Riot Games

Hextech Rammus is the latest crafting-based skin in League of Legends.

The armored armadillo is rolling in with the usual shiny purple, blue, and gold color scheme we always see with other Hextech skins. The skin will mostly likely only be obtainable by players who use 10 Gemstones to craft it. Extremely lucky players will also be able to roll this Mythic skin directly from a box, though the chances of that are extremely low.

The skin turnarounds for Hextech Rammus Riot Games

The skin comes with a new model, textures, visual and sound effects, and a recall animation.

His spikes definitely look more orderly and a bit blunter with rounded edges instead of the usual points we’re used to. Nevertheless, that bad boy will still definitely hurt if he rolls in to you.

This is Rammus’ eight skin and his first since Sweeper Rammus released in June 2018.

This post will be updated as more information becomes available.