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PROJECT: Pyke, Jinx, Irelia, Akali, and Warwick revealed in new animated trailer

And Irelia’s getting a Prestige Edition

Five new PROJECT skins were teased during the weekend for Akali, Irelia, Pyke, Jinx, and Warwick, though he’s hidden in the trailer.

It seems that PROJECT: Akali, Irelia, and Jinx are led in a group by Pyke, similarly to how Ashe leads some of the other PROJECT skins.

As usual, these skins are sporting cool techno-looking particles with a focus on triangle shapes. The color palette on some of the skins are lighter than usual, and focus on white with neon colors, instead of black.

These new PROJECT skins will likely come with their own event, meaning that players will have to either grind out tokens to get PROJECT: Irelia’s Prestige Edition, or shell out the coin to grab her.

These skins should launch with the rest of patch 9.15 and will be added to the Public Beta Environment as a part of that patch’s cycle soon.


Project Pyke Riot Games
Riot Games


PROJECT: Jinx blasts away some bad guy robots while posing dramatically. Riot Games
Riot Games

PROJECT: Warwick

Riot Games
Riot Games


Akali decked out in her Project armor Riot Games
Riot Games


Riot Games
Riot Games

PROJECT: Irelia Prestige Edition

PROJECT: Irelia Prestige Edition shoots out her blades with her visor up Riot Games

This article will be updated as more information becomes available.