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Arcade 2019 event: Demacia Vice Garen and Lucian roll through

Surprise! More skins!

Riot Games

As a surprise addition to the 2019 Arcade event, two new skins have appeared. Demacia Vice Garen and Lucian, designs made for a Riot Thunderdome project in 2017.

The two are sporting a Miami Vice-inspired theme, with neon colors and lights, as well as dope sunglasses.

The Demacia Vice game was playable as a demo at the 2018 LCS Spring Finals in Miami. Garen and Lucian were fighting up to the big boss, Darius, though Darius isn’t getting a skin for this theme. Vi and Caitlyn also had Demacia Vice (or Piltover Vice, rather) designs, though they’re sitting out for this round.

The skins were revealed at the end of an animated trailer for this year’s Arcade event, as surprise challengers.

Both skins are Epic-tier and will cost 1350 RP each. The two skins are part of the 9.14 Public Beta Environment patch, and will move on to testing later during the cycle.

Demacia Vice Garen

Riot Games
Riot Games

Demacia Vice Lucian

Riot Games
Riot Games

This post will be updated as more information becomes available.