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Fan-voted Little Demon Tristana skin is ready for public testing

We’ve seen it get made and now it’s here to test

Riot Games

Over the past few months, players have been able to vote for which Tristana skin they wanted to become a reality and watch that skin develop. Now Little Demon Tristana is moving on to the Public Beta Environment for testing.

We’ve seen the skin in action a couple of times before, as we’ve tracked the progress that the skin development team was making, but now we can test it ourselves.

While this is close to the final version of the skin, the dev team is likely open to some smaller changes if a large chunk of the playerbase voices concerns. Seeing as the players were able to offer feedback throughout the skin’s development, there probably won’t be much, if anything, to change.

Riot Games

This skin should be playable on the PBE once it updates with the patch 9.11 cycle content and go live once the patch hits the regular servers in a couple of weeks.

This post will be updated as more information becomes available.