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Riot Games is adding more ways to earn Prestige Points

You’ll still have to spend money to get them, though

Riot Games

After player concerns about how Prestige Points, the rare currency you need to unlock specific Prestige skins, was earned, Riot Games has announced a new way to get them.

The changes were announced on the League of Legends boards and includes the fact that during event periods, players will be able to just buy the Prestige Points directly in exchange for event tokens. This means that you’ll still have to buy the event passes and grind up tokens by playing games.

The second change includes that players will be able to earn up to 25 Prestige Points from “milestone missions” throughout events. These missions will become available for players who buy the event pass and since there are at least four events before the end of the year, players will be able to earn a Prestige Point skin, like Bloodmoon Aatrox’s or K/DA Ahri’s before they vanish from the shop.

Riot Games

If that’s all confusing, here’s an example of how it would work:

Let’s pretend Firecracker Vayne’s Prestige Edition skin from the past Lunar Revel event was a Prestige Point skin instead of being available for tokens. Players can still buy bundles of loot boxes to earn Prestige Points to unlock Vayne, if they want. But with this new change, players who buy the Lunar Revel event pass would be able to buy the 100 Prestige Points needed to unlock Vayne with their earned tokens. The cost for the Prestige Points would be slightly more expensive. The boards post itself noted that if Prestige Vayne was worth 1,000 tokens, the 100 Prestige Points would be worth 1,100 tokens. The missions from the pass would also now include several missions that give five Prestige Points each, totaling to 25 Prestige Points.

So yes, you still have to pay money to unlock the skin of choice, but you won’t have to pay nearly as much if you’re willing to grind out the tokens during each event. Nice!

Previously, Prestige Points were only able to be earned through buying bundles of Hextech crates or other loot boxes. Riot also noted when the point system was announced that they would award the points as mission rewards occasionally, but it would not be enough to pay for a skin.