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Hextech Jarvan IV is the next shiny crafting-exclusive skin

Purple, glow-y, and shiny!

Riot Games via Surrender@20

Jarvan IV is getting a Hextech skin, which means it’s time to save your Gemstones.

Riot showed off the recall for the skin across their social media channels this morning to a mixed response. While the skin looks pretty cool, it’s also very similar in color scheme and design to the already existing Dark Star Jarvan IV skin. The skin has noticeable differences, but the purple colors are too close for some.

Riot Games

This is J4’s eighth skin, with his last being SSG in July 2018 and Dark Star coming before that in March 2018.

Riot Games

This will be a Hextech Crafting exclusive skin, which means you have to trade 10 rare Gemstones in for it, or you can roll it straight from a crate, if you’re lucky.

The skin should be moving to the Public Beta Environment for testing this week, with a release in patch 9.7.

This post will be updated as more information becomes available.