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Tristana’s community-voted Little Demon skin gets an update

(evil sounding laughter here)

Riot Games

Several weeks ago, Riot Games held a vote to see what Tristana’s next skin would be. Cutting out Sugar Rush and Galactic Gunner by quite the amount, Little Demon Tristana won the vote.

Sugar Rush took 30 percent of the vote, Galactic Gunner took 27 percent, and Little Demon took a whopping 43 percent. A graph on the skin announcement post also showed that Little Demon Tristana was the most voted for skin for both players who don’t play much Tristana and players who have played a lot of her.

Riot Stellari, the product lead for the skin, noted that the goal is to make Little Demon Tristana “adorable and demonic, not ‘edgy’” and have her as the “right-hand yordle of Little Devil Teemo.” That means this Tristana skin is less close to the darker Demon Vi or base skin Evelynn, and closer to something being cute, but evil.

The team has already begun to work on some visual effects for the skin, which you can see in the video below.

The skin is scheduled to launch with patch 9.11, but the team will be updating us on where they are with the skin in two weeks.

Update (April 3): Now that the vote has concluded and Little Demon Tristana ran away with the victory, Riot has updated us on the progress of this skin. Things are looking pretty good! It’s definitely worth taking a look at the entire post if you’re interested in the making of skins. There’s an explanation of why they chose Tristana for this skin vote (in order to get data for future development) and some of the early concepts.

Riot Games

There are also some videos showing the special effects that will be applied on Tristana’s skills. One early attempt had her with fiery, red and orange effects.

But since other Tristana skins, like Dragon Trainer, have those fiery effects, they decided to go with a different route. The current iteration of Little Demon Tristana is all about souls magic.

Finally, we get a sneak peek at the splash process. These are a bunch of adorable splashes, and I’m personally rooting for 9.

Riot Games
Riot Games

Now, it’s worth noting that all of these previews are subject to change. Riot will continue to tweak Little Demon Tristana before her eventual release.